Christmas Announcement A well-known supermarket chain aroused the wrath of anti-vaccines. Mikowag, who was vaccinated against Covid-19, appeared twice!

Foot. YouTube / Tesco

Reaction to the Christmas announcement in Great Britain. In the movie, Santa Claus is holding his card. A popular supermarket chain has become the target of an online hate attack.

Tesco sparked a wave of protests! 1,500 angry vaccine opponents complained to the ad’s supervisory authority.

Titled ‘Nothing Can Stop Us This Holiday’, the trade shows for Britons enjoying Christmas this year after restrictions imposed by last year’s coronavirus pandemic have left most families and friends unable to meet each other.

At one point, the magical atmosphere was interrupted by a journalist who said St. Nicholas ‘may be in quarantine’ – then appeared before a border control officer with a Covid card to confirm that he had been fully vaccinated and could continue his further journey.

The message of the holiday announcement is clear: the pollinator can enter the country without restrictions. In response to the site, dozens of people against compulsory vaccination launched the #BoycottTesco campaign. Some have announced that they will stop shopping in TESCO stores.

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A large number of Internet users described the advertisement as “cool”. “Tesco’s marketing team has blown the system with their announcement this year,” one contributor wrote.

“I’m going to Tesco now knowing that everyone who opposes vaccination has decided to boycott Tesco. Thank you for participating in making sure we are all safe. Stay home,” another Twitter user wrote.

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