The Twist is a low-floor vehicle, specially prepared for the needs of Wroclaw. As the manufacturer assures, the technical solutions used in them are the result of many years of experience collected during the operation of previous generations of vehicles and the requirements of the ordering party.

Yesterday – December 21 this year – inform us Regarding the signing of a new tram contract by MPK Wrocław with PESA Bydgoszcz SA. The car should be comfortable for both passengers and drivers. So let’s look at the solutions that the Bydgoszcz manufacturer used in the new tram.

Twist is a three-section tram, equipped with rolling trolleys with classic pivot wheels. Trolleys have two degrees of spring, which favorably affects the reduction of wheel and track wear, and significantly increases the comfort of travel. The car is equipped with bumpers with an increased coefficient of energy absorption, and the driver’s cabin forms a so-called safety cage to reduce the risk of collision. Comfortable driver’s workplace is air-conditioned and equipped with a panel with a multifunctional central tip, which allows to reduce the number of buttons. A separate door leads to the cab, which increases the operator’s work comfort.

This is the first tram in Poland to use an induction loop that amplifies the sound of audio advertisements for the hard of hearing. Passengers’ sense of safety is enhanced by a video surveillance system with a recording system that covers the interior of the passenger compartment, the area directly in front of the vehicle, the rear area of ​​the vehicle, and the side areas of the vehicle. An additional camera installed in the driver’s cab records the driver’s behavior. Real-me can be viewed online remotely for each camera and for each vehicle.

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The tram has a 100% lower floor, which makes it convenient for passengers. The floor in the entrance area at a height of 350 mm above the head of the rail and the ramp for strollers and wheelchairs installed in the car allows the disabled in wheelchairs to use the tram and facilitate the exchange of passengers. The vehicle can travel 200 passengers, including 40 passengers. In the air-conditioned passenger compartment, designed in a single space arrangement, comfortable vandal-resistant seats, non-slip floor coverings, audio-visual information system for the passenger were used. There are USB chargers installed on the railing. The use of the five doors – four dual-stream and one single-stream – allows for quick and smooth interchange of passengers at stops. The door panels have light strips that tell us to program the door, open and close it.