Talented director and actress, like duo Lena Dunham and Lily Collins, will take viewers into the world of the little Polly doll. They promise a funny and smart movie about friendship for young girls. Will she be as successful as “The Girls”?

Polly doll and her miniature miniature house in the shape of a heart or flower appeared in stores again three years ago, one of the popular toys of the 1990s. The updated Polly Pocket is slightly older than the prototypes of 30 years ago, but still contains foldable houses, polished to the smallest detail, which brilliantly activates children’s imagination and is the goal of the dreams of millions of girls around the world. Lena Dunham, author of the Golden Globe-winning sitcom “Girls,” played this doll in her childhood. The director and screenwriter decided to translate the images and stories that Polly Puckett had invented when she was a little girl into the language of films. Lily Collins, who will be not only one of the producers of the film, but will also play the main role, is invited to collaborate on this project.

As Dunham told Variety, the main focus of the film will be the friendship between the girl and her doll Polly. The director also said, “Polly Puckett has given me countless hours of childhood escape – thanks to which this doll has created my own little magical world. I will now pursue the same ideas as the director who works with the wonderful Lily Collins, producer Robbie Brenner and Mattel. I am glad to be able to In this film, I convey both my love for the game from years ago and the firm belief that young women need smart, funny films that appeal to them without undue patronage.”

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Lily Collins is also very excited about the project, speaking to Variety: “When I was a kid, I was obsessed with Polly Bouquet, so it’s one of my big childhood dreams coming true. She became famous last year thanks to her lead role in the victorious series Emily in Paris. On Netflix “I can’t wait to see this little doll’s story on the big screen.”

The movie using the Polly doll theme is not the only Mattel toys production. Mattel Films’ Film Division is working in parallel on several projects featuring the adventures of Barney the Dinosaur, Hot Wheels cars and Barbie dolls. She will play Margot Robbie herself, and Greta Gerwig, associated with independent cinema, is responsible for directing the film about the most famous doll in the world.

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