Microsoft just released an update for Windows 10 under the number KB5003173. The primary goal of the patch was to increase the security of the user. Unfortunately, it also introduced bugs that the company knows and is working on.

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Windows 10 update with problems

Some Windows users have reported audio problems. However, it is not always the case and appears in some from time to time Toys And applications, Reports of the portal The volume increases and decreases randomly regardless of the default setting. The problem mainly affects Dolby Digital 5.1 audio systems. Microsoft’s temporary solution It is shown here.

Additionally, some users reported that the update was stuck during installation and the only thing that helped was a hard PC reset. Some people have also reported issues with poor performance. Another problem with the USB ports. With the update, the devices connected to it are no longer detected by the device manager.

Windows 10 will get an updated interface, and that’s not the end

Microsoft Knows about problems and works to solve them. You can get rid of problems by uninstalling the update in the “Windows Update” tool via the “Uninstall update” function.

Microsoft is preparing to change Windows in 25 years

Windows 10 still uses Windows 95 icons in some parts of the system, meaning these are graphics that are more than a quarter of a century old. Microsoft announced that it will introduce new icons in the October Update. Then the font that will be adapted to small screens will also be changed.

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