The creators of Wasteland 3 are already working on a new RPG and inXile Entertainment seems to be aiming for very high goals. The studio is looking for another employee and confirming – AAA game is to provide great graphics.

InXile Entertainment has already confirmed work on a new RPG production, But according to the latest information – it wouldn’t be another wasteland. Studio seems to want to take a break from this IP and with Microsoft’s backing, The developers intend to provide a game with a high budget.

The team is now looking for a new art director To work on a first-person RPG that will run on Unreal Engine 5 and will provide an ‘amazing’ setting. The developer must have experience running AAA positions and thanks to his work the secret game is to deliver the highest quality.

The studio confirms this It is developing the next generation of RPG And the new employee will get a chance to develop perhaps the biggest game inXile Entertainment. Important details appearing in the job posting – The author will help maintain a very high standard of graphics, and the position itself will be “one of the studio’s main titles”.

InXile Entertainment operates on a “whole new world”, Which might suggest that developers have been tasked with developing a new IP.