Five and a half meters high, white, made of aluminum and steel – a sculpture titled ‘Strings of the Wind 6’ has been unveiled in the square next to the Center for Contemporary Art in Torun.

Thus, the CCA Contemporary Sculpture Garden activity was opened. The author of the statue is Prof. Maciej Szańkowski, who has been creating “space art” for years. “Such gardens are often set up next to galleries all over the world – including in New York or Berlin. With an open courtyard at our disposal, we wanted to use it as attractive as possible – explains the Director of the Center for Contemporary Art, Krzysztof Stanisławski.” I would like these to expand the garden. The statue is really first-class technically – it is a sculpture of Toru, the author referred to Toruń Gothic architecture in the curves of the strings.”

It is difficult to describe the wind with the naked eye. I draw it in space. Professor explains. Szańkowski. – I wanted it to be an item that fit perfectly with it and that’s why it has such a size.

The “Sculpture Garden” project is being implemented thanks to funds obtained from the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sports from the “Contemporary Sculpture in Public Space” program.

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