Ending this year’s Hana Banazak concert, VIII JasMaty – Jasielskie Jazzowe Klimaty. The artist will perform at the Jasselsky House of Culture on Thursday, November 28, at 6.00 p.m.

Hanna Banaszak began her career in the late 1970s, and often asserts that she cares in her work the versatility and authenticity of each subsequent edition.

Contemporary poets and composers became interested in him from the very beginning. Among them were: Jerzy Wassowski, Wojciech Minarsky, Andrei Trzaskowski, Jonas Kofta, Jeremy Przybora, Jerzy “Dudok” Matuskevich, as well as Jerzy Satanowski, Jan “Kante” Paulukewicz and Zbigniew Prezner.

The artist voiced the character of Hanka Ordonona in the movie “Love forgives everything” (1981), and sang Vivaldi’s song in Witold Leszczyński’s movie “Siekierezada” (1985).

Alexander Bardini used to say: “…I want to remain with my sincere and deep gratitude for what you do. For what purpose? For example, for the wonderful Polish language which hinders some people so much from being a modern man. She does not mind! She is the Queen of Robata, nor She never goes beyond the bounds of good taste. I am grateful to her for my admiration for what I call graceful economy, as well as for exceptional flair and ingenuity in the use of musical ornaments she has created herself which has become not an adornment per se, but a permanent part. of the musical show…” (Part of the announcer of Concert in a cut).

With her interpretation, she updated the poetry of Jan Kochanovsky. Performs poems by J. Brodski, W. Szymborska and S. Różewicz. She encountered the music of Mozart, Vivaldi, Maggioni, Metheni, Davis, Gershwin and Ellington.

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He also has non-musical interests. The book of poems that she published was, among other things, a delight over the funny names of Polish cities. The photography exhibition she occasionally gives in Poland is a story about a journey that fills most of her life. Everything was orchestrated by unknown music from her repertoire. The journey takes an important part of her daily life, but as she says, the most important thing for her is a journey into herself.

For many years I have been interested in psychology such as: “… I am interested in man and his possibilities of transformation.” Exploring psychology is used in singing.

There are a dozen or so TV parties, which Mrs. Hanna has given – incl. “Eurydyka’s Call”, “Phone of Trust”, “What a Girl Dreams of”, “Before You’re on the Beach”, several album projects, including: “Nobody but You”, “Golden Collection – In My Magical House”, “Banaszak – Kofta”, “Hanna Banaszak in Witold Lutosławski’s studio”, “Hanna Banaszak sings the songs of Jerzy Duduś Matuszkiewicz”, the album for which she composed the music for “I’m Standing on the Ground”, and “Christmas Night with Hanna Banaszak”. Two copies of DVD.

The singer participated in many concerts. In addition to several shows in Poland, she has performed in Japan, the United States, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Great Britain, Russia, Canada and Malta.

The artist enjoys many awards and honors for her work. Valdemar Dobrowski, Minister of Culture and Arts, honored her with the Gloria Artes Medal. She is the recipient of the following figurines: Victor, Creator, Amber Nightingale, Prometheus, etc…, as well as the laureate of several festival awards. In 2013, she received a prestigious award from Polish Radio for her achievements to date – the so-called Honorary Golden Microphone.

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In 2014, she was nominated for the title of “Master of Polish Speech”. In the same year, the President of the Republic of Poland, Bronislaw Komorowski, decorated it with a Knight of the Order of Poland Restituta.

Quote: “…Rewards and greatness, though a nice tickle of vanity, are of secondary importance to me. The most interesting and most difficult for me is pure creativity, setting new challenges for myself, without repeating myself and other patterns. That is why I like to set myself increasingly difficult tasks.”