The organizers of Wimbledon 2022 have announced the names of the tennis players who have been given wild cards for the main category at the London Championships. Recognized names are among the distinguished names.

Rafai Smolensky

Serena Williams

Getty Images/Adam Davey/PA Images/Pictured: Serena Williams

Serena Williams, who has not appeared in the world for a year, got the first card. The 40-year-old American has not finished her career yet and is still hoping to win the 24th Grand Slam title and compare Margaret Court’s all-time record.

The organizers also rewarded British tennis players with wild cards. Katie Poulter opens the menu. It also featured Katie Swan and Judy Borage, as well as Sunai Kartal and Yuriko Miyazaki in her Grand Slam debut.

Among the gentlemen, the biggest star among the winners was Swiss three-time Grand Slam champion Stan Wawrinka. Organizers also gave a wild card to Dutchman Tim van Reethoven, who last week won the ATP 250 Championship in Den Bosch.

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It is difficult to speak of surprise among the British. The wild cards went to Liam Brody, Jay Clarke, Alastair Gray, Paul Job and Ryan Benniston, who on Tuesday defeated the Queen’s Club promoter in London and finished fifth in the ATP rankings for Norway’s Casper Rudd.

The organizers still have a few wild cards to give. Their ads are expected over the weekend. Meanwhile, the three-stage qualifiers for Wimbledon 2022 will begin on Monday, with competition in the main tournament kicking off on June 27 and running until July 10.

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Wimbledon 2022 Main Arch Wild Cards (Women’s Singles):
1 – Katie Poulter (Great Britain)
2 – Judy Borage (Great Britain)
3 – Sonai Kartal (Great Britain)
4 – Yoriko Miyazaki (Great Britain)
5 – Katie Swan (Great Britain)
6 – Serena Williams (USA)
7. To be awarded
8. You will be given

Wild Cards for the Main Category at Wimbledon 2022 (Men’s Singles):
1 – Liam Brody (Great Britain)
2 – Jay Clark (Great Britain)
3 – Aleister Gray (Great Britain)
4 – Paul Gibb (Great Britain)
5 – Ryan Peniston (Great Britain)
6 – Tim van Reethoven (Netherlands)
7 – Stan Wawrinka (Switzerland)
8. You will be given

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  • 40-year-old Serena “hopes to win the WS24 title”?? A year ago, she played half a hundred at Wimbledon, and now not with Aga – she can play with Aga in the legend tournament.