The Netherlands will not vote “for” the Polish Workers’ Party in the Council of EU Finance Ministers. On the other hand, some states intend to add positive evaluation declarations that there is a need for an in-depth assessment of how the Polish authorities are fulfilling their obligations regarding judicial independence.

“However, we do not foresee problems with the acceptance of the Polish Workers’ Party, as the vote is taken by a majority.” – Sources in the Council of the European Union provide.

Holland and Sweden A week ago, they raised objections to the Polish KPO due to – in their opinion – unresolved rule of law issues. The Netherlands, after a stormy debate today in its parliament about the Polish KPO party, intends to abstain from the vote. A group of Dutch deputies The opposition tried to pass a resolution calling on the government to vote against the Polish Workers’ Party, but this resolution did not win a majority.

An EU diplomat told a journalist on RMF FM: “The Dutch government believes that the Polish KPO is very good at climate issues, while the stages for bringing dismissed judges back to trial are very weak.” As he made clear, the point is that there is no immediate requirement to reinstate judges, but only an appeal procedure.

According to Katarzyna Szymanska-Borgonon, a journalist at RMF FM, countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Belgium and Germany intend to vote “for” the Polish KPO, but They will attach a special declaration that speaks of the need for an in-depth assessment of the fulfillment of the obligations set forth at key stages by the Polish authorities and the continuation of their efforts on rule of law issues. This is a group of countries that have always spoken out during Polish hearings in the Council of the European Union about the violation of the rule of law.

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The EU diplomat also told the RMF FM radio journalist that Poland had informed the EU of this Willing to agree to a minimum 15 percent corporate tax. Let us recall that Poland vetoed this tax, making its approval unofficially conditional on that of the KPO. One of the interviewees with the RMF FM radio journalist said that the problem now is unexpectedly Hungary, which is beginning to raise objections.

The Polish KPO party will be voted on at the Council of European Union Finance Ministers on Friday.