In the beginning there was “Science Night”

This is not the first event of this kind organized by the Krob Association. in 2019 Amateurs from various scientific disciplines have started “Science Night”.Which had its second installment last year.

Mercury Association enthusiasts showed how an engine works and what can be done with dry ice

Now is the time to Evening with Sciences”Which started last Saturday in Borek Wielkopolski at 19.00.

– As part of the event, we featured 5 fixed platforms: Astronomy, Nineties, Electronics, Audio and Biology. It was possible in situations Learn the mechanics of gravity, play a TV game, observe tissues under a microscope, sing like Freddie Mercury Or face a colorful game. In addition, every hour there was a display of chemistry and physics, as well as fire and dance performances, explains Katarzina Sabida, president of the Mercury Society of Cropi.

The most effective trials were used in the shows, Including elephant and chameleon dough and the use of dry ice or internal combustion engine operating principles.

The event was funded by the Gostyń poviat budget.

More events in the series An Evening with Knowledge is scheduled for:

  • July 23 in Ppowo
  • August 13 in Gostyń
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