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Exploring the Red Planet brings new discoveries from time to time. The Curiosity spacecraft penetrates it (from August 6, 2012), and in fact – an automated science and research laboratory on six wheels – sent to NASA such an image, which you are staring at right now? What is that? How are you doing? Door? Vortal? Nature’s miracle?

Photo was taken May 7 In a place known as Greenheugh foothold. It can be assumed that few readers of SE passed carelessly. It shows a carefully cut entrance that leads deep into the rock. It is very similar to entering… Egypt Cemeteries. Who eats and when Cut in the Martian rock? Will you need to correct the date? Yet there was a civilization on Mars once upon a time? how do you think? Approximately. No more stress. explain to NASAThat is the subject in that picture not work Mars, but from the creation of nature. This is what NASA analysts believe, and it must be believed.

They claim that this is not an architectural structure, but an effect shock tectonics, which caused the rocks to break so completely along straight lines that what appeared at first and second glance seemed as if it had been carved into the rock. What’s your opinion, what size Is this creation? No, it’s not that big. There is nothing with her that can compare to her size. Curiosity did not reach the whirlpool and left nothing of reference with it. Although fiction shows that the entrance must be of the appropriate size, analysts believe that this creature actually has a … mount dozen cm in height. Summarizing the above: not discovered yet Evidence to prove the existence of a civilization on Mars.

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This is not the first discovery of something that proponents of the existence of civilizations outside the planet I searched for a guide With them, after which they must be disappointed. From the seventies to the present day, pictures of what seems to appear in the world every now and then carved Skull, and what later became a formation Stone. The most famous picture is called that The face of Mars. It almost looks like a Venetian mask. Filmed for the first time in 1976 It was considered a geological formation, but today many ophthalmologists still have a different opinion about the genesis of this formation.

What is certain is the 900kg rover curiousity It still travels around Mars and sends gigabytes of images back to Earth. Discover, among others antiquities The presence of water on Mars, but 3 billion years ago. What he will also discover is the knowledge of God, but there is no point in finding some artifacts that would bring joy to supporters of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. Maybe more Humanity will learn about Mars when humans land on it. The billionaire announced a trip to Mars for the year 2029 Elon MuskPaid owner. SpaceX. Before that happens, if that happens, all you have to do is learn about Mars by watching the movie Mars. he deserves it.


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