A friend of the Russian dictator predicts hard times for the West. “The energy crisis will intensify in those countries that have imposed sanctions on the supply of Russian energy tankers, the prices of fossil fuels will rise, and the development of the digital economy in the world will slow down,” wrote a friend of Vladimir Putin.

“What will happen next, that is, the world after the anti-Russian sanctions (not at all expected)” – this is how Dmitry Medvedev described his entry on Telegram.

An important politician draws a shocking scenario! He knows who will betray Putin

Dmitry Medvedev predicts famine ‘in individual countries’

The ex-president of Russia predicts troubled times for Western societies. He declared that “a number of global supply chains for goods will collapse, and a serious logistical crisis is possible, including the collapse of the activities of foreign airlines prohibited from flying over Russia.”

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