[Aktualizacja] agglutinate the fall Available now for free on the Epic Games Store. It will be available next week Creature in the well .

Last week, Epic Games Store users They received it Another option to set an economic strategy for your accounts is free Surviving Mars. This address will remain free until 4:00 PM Poland time. However, players will then get a chance to acquire a digital copy of the next production, which will be as previously announced the fall.

the fall It is a 2D shooting game with platform elements developed by the independent studio Over the Moon Games. Her future work takes place on a distant planet. During the game, we are playing the role of AI ARID. Its mission is to rescue the pilot, who was wearing a futuristic military suit, as it was built. As part of this mission, you will explore surroundings, fight enemies and solve logical puzzles. Everything features a simple, 2D, yet highly atmospheric visual environment.

the fall It will be available for free on the Epic Games Store until March 25. When we officially know which production will be available for free next, we will update this news.

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