According to Posovsky, the Poles go on vacation trips abroad They prefer warm directions where the temperature reaches around 20°C.

– More than a third of bookings Luxury hotels in sunny Egypt (34.3%). For a vacation in Egyptian resorts during the holiday season, you have to pay on average 3380 PLN per person. Cyprus (15.3%) and Malta (13.9%) occupy the next places on the podium, where you can fly to holidays at very attractive prices starting from 1400 PLN per person in the case of Malta and from 1680 PLN in the case of Cyprus – give.

He added that they are also popular Canary Islands (7.6%), Turkey (5.2%), and Madeira (4.9%)

As he pointed out, despite the relatively high prices, 12 percent of customers chose exotic destinations for their Christmas trip Dominican Republic or United Arab Emirates. – Vacations in Kenya, Mexico, Cuba or Zanzibar this year will cost an average of more than 7.8 thousand. PLN per person – he said.

Bosovki noted that only 6 percent. Of all the trips to the holidays were trips to the ski areas. – Our notes show it Customers postpone ski trips for the remainder of the season He explained that because of the experience of last year, when most of the ski areas were closed or inaccessible to foreign tourists.

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He pointed out that tourists from Poland have gone on vacation trips for years Choose high class hotels. Nearly 3/4 of travelers spend Christmas in 4-star (41.1%) and 5-star (33.8%) facilities. The vast majority – almost 69 percent. Holiday lovers – choose the all-inclusive option (68.9%) – said the expert.