Go pop the popcorn, because IM creators are flocking to their faces for the only right address.

Who is the best means of communication? Well, objectively speaking, it is impossible to give a clear answer to this question. It’s different when you’re the creator of one of them.

started an argument Moxine Marlinspike, founder of Signal, who criticized Telegram with harsh words. As mentioned, one should not talk about security in the context of an application that stores user data in the cloud, and in an unencrypted format. He also suggested testing to create a new account on the same phone number to see that everything would be taken out immediately.

Interestingly, at the same time Marlinspike praised and criticized another very popular messenger, Facebook Messenger. Because he mentioned that on the other hand Very similar to Signal in terms of encryption implementationBut on the other hand – in his opinion, it inspires more confidence. Anyway, just like WhatsApp.

We didn’t have to wait long for the counterattack

Despite small quarrels with journalists and IT employees on the way, the owner of Telegram, a Russian billionaire, launched a ruthless counterattack. Bowie Doro. He confused American competitors with mud.

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The report confirmed that Telegram is one of the few messaging applications that does not threaten the trust of users.

– Bowie d’Oro writes on his social pages.

Thus he evokes the notorious Published December 2021 by Rolling Stone MagazineAccordingly, all US messaging services, including Signal, are located in Ongoing FBI surveillance And other services there. For reference purposes, Telegram in the article in question is described as resisting cooperation and releasing data only when there are justifiable suspicions of terrorism.

Not only that, because according to Doro, engineers residing in the United States must be compelled by the local government to do so Implementation of back doors, so the cryptographic algorithms that are impossible to hack by the NSA, and the rest, it seems, exist only in the shadow economy. “US apps like WhatsApp transmit data to third parties in real time, and there is evidence of that.”.

Anom: From the police to the criminals

The businessman himself puts the sign next to him Anome ServicesIt was also launched in the US in 2018. For starters: The platform was advertised as a highly secure communication, and eventually turned out to be a Trojan horse planted by the FBI and Europol on criminals. More than 800 people were arrested in this way.

However, Durov remains silent about other reports revealed by Bulgarian investigative journalist Christo Grosev. Who Telegram works with Russian FSB. So the ball remains in play. We are waiting for more – because given the dynamics of things, it can be assumed that this is not the end.

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