It became loud in Europe about Legia Warszawa after the attack on the club bus. On Sunday, reported on the events that took place after the loss to Wisła Płock (0:1). According to the latest information, three players were injured during the attack. Maher Emreli, Rafa Lopez and Luquenhas were affected, but the latter suffered the most. This information was confirmed by the Brazilian’s wife.

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There is a reaction from the president of “France Football” regarding Robert Lewandowski

Legia Warsaw on the Languages ​​of Europe. The fans affected the club’s reputation

Foreign media became interested in the situation in the team of the Polish champion. We can read about the attack by Legia hooligans on football players in the Portuguese daily “A Bola”, where it was confirmed that the Polish club consists of five players from this country. They are: Yuri Ribeiro, Andre Martins, Jose, Rafael Lopez and Ruy Gomez.

“I know apologies are now a thing for our fans.” Meaningful words from the Legia player after the match

“The police prevented a much more serious incident,” the Croatian daily “Sportsky Novosti” wrote in its text on this topic. Serbian journalists were more indignant at the attack on the players. “In the title, we intentionally avoided the term ‘fans’, as it transcends the natural framework and grows to the rank of verb – riot!” Written in Meridian: Sport. The Serbs noted the luck of Filip Mladenovic, the country’s representative, who “avoided getting hit only because he was not with the team due to a knee injury”.

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The Danish “Tipsbladet”, the Swedish “Fotbollskanalen” or the British “Daily Star” also provided information about the hooligan attack on Legia Warsaw, stressing in their texts that they are waiting – just like the Polish media – for the club’s official position on the matter. But the question arises: when will such a statement appear?

Threats flew from the stands of the English Premier League.  of my fans.  Football players have the right to be afraidThreats flew from the stands of the English Premier League. of my fans. Football players have the right to be afraid

Legia Warsaw is currently at the bottom of the league table. The team lost 12 games this season. Let’s stress that after the recent defeat against Wisla Blok, coach Marek Gubiwski also resigned. A possible candidate for the coaching position is Leszek Ojrzyński, who in the past managed clubs such as Wisła Płock and Arka Gdynia.