The American giant made the most of the beautiful “Material Design” and finally showed off a completely new look to the system. Beautiful and round icons and shapes perfectly fit into modern trends. It could be argued that Apple has been in this place for years, but I think the current look of iOS is already very old and Android from version 12 will set the standard now. In my list, I will point out the subjective items that Google has done brilliantly, and although I use the iPhone every day for various reasons, I regularly have Android smartphones in my hands. I can clearly see what I’m missing from my apple device.

5. The open architecture of Android is a big advantage

I must admit that the freedom to configure and customize the theme to your preference is key in Android. I can completely change the system, and in the next update to version 12, I will also be able to tweak the appearance of notifications or messages received to a much greater extent. For many years I have been annoyed with the clock appearing on my iPhone when the screen is off, but adjusting it is very difficult. I love the black variants of systems and use them regularly, but I have some reservations about how they work on the iPhone. Notification packages could look better, and the tools themselves are much better and more comprehensive in Android.

4. Better system adaptation for multitasking

The famous Messenger “bubbles” that appear in one corner of the screen are great. The ability to run multiple apps at the same time and multitask are great advantages of Android. I also get the impression that I can do more on a Google-equipped phone in the course of my work. And the top beam hits me much more than that. Inevitably, Siri is not in Poland, and voice control for a smartphone, especially in a car, is a huge plus. Android Auto works great, in my opinion much better than Apple CarPlay and works very well with Google Maps, which in the case of iOS can completely refuse to obey at random times. One-handed support is also better.

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3. More notifications for absolutely everything

Android allows you to view almost every element of your smartphone. I can download a desktop overlay that will display the live system temperature or clock speed of the processor and graphics card. I also see an indicator of the percentage of battery charge, and in the settings I can access the programmer panel and I regulate, for example, the speed of opening windows or the consumption of the battery in certain cases. I also have a high performance gaming mode where I can also choose the detail quality settings. And when I want to install a modified app, just download a different “.apk” variant from the network and everything will flash. This allows for better phone management and therefore more freedom. And RCS support will be and will always be better.

2. Copy files to Windows PC

Apple smartphones work great with Macbooks and macOS (which is obvious), but with Windows, they work very clumsy. Fortunately, the software makers of Cupertino have unlocked iOS and allowed direct ripping of photos and videos. Unfortunately, it works entirely in a choppy pattern. For example, when I want to copy photos directly from the phone, there are no big problems with it (it occurs when copying several hundred files). But once I make a movie, I have to figure it out. I recently found a way to upload video files on the phone via the manager to resources such as the iMovie app, which can be seen directly through iTunes on Windows. Only then can I copy the materials to my devices (but only within the program). Without such combinations, this would have been practically impossible. On Android, as you can imagine, there are no such complications.

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1. Full access to all files

If I want to copy anything to my phone, I plug it into my computer and see what’s in it. I have access to screenshots, music, files, and directory structure. When I’m on vacation and want to take my music or movies to the plane, it only takes a few clicks. Sure, I have iTunes for this iPhone, but its unintuitive syncing and playback is in my opinion a huge hurdle. And sometimes I want to instantly copy something that I can’t do with an Apple smartphone. Of course, I am not talking about any option to install modified versions of the system, but Android allows, if necessary, many other possibilities, and this is what I appreciate the most.