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MObywat, a virtual document wallet, is now available Major update. In addition to departing from the old name, mIdentity, the program has also received a number of changes that must be examined by every user of it.

The mObywat app is a virtual representation of data from an ID card. Users can use it wherever they are not expressly required to present an ID or passport. So it can be useful in situations like checking tickets on the train or when collecting registered mail at the post office. In this way, the user can quickly verify their identity with mO Citizen, without having to search for an identity and take it out of the wallet, which takes much longer time.

However, what should attract users, especially in these epidemic times, is the possibility of filling electronic prescriptions without providing a PESEL number, as well as confirming the driver’s eligibility in the event of a road inspection. With the mObywat app, you can also quickly check penalty points as well as show and verify your vehicle data.

The app creators decided to introduce a new mObywat document template to increase the privacy of their users. From now on, the electronic form contains only basic information. More detailed data that a user may not want to see at first glance is listed below the document. The new design makes it faster and easier for the user to validate.

As users suggested, the developers have also added a larger range of data. The app now also contains information like registered address, maiden name, or parents’ names.

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According to Minister Marek Zagorsky, Minister of State for Digitization in the Prime Minister’s Chancellery, users will have plenty of time to get used to the changes introduced. The old document template, called mTożsamość, will be accepted by the end of 2021. Only from next year will only the new document template be recognized.

MObywat app for system-equipped devices Male in appearance I iOS You can find it in our area Program guide.