Joe Biden won the American Elections After he obtained a majority of 279 electoral votes. However, vote counting continues in several states, including Georgia, with Biden and Trump facing extremely narrow margins.

Biden is just 0.2 percent, or 10,353 votes, ahead of Trump in Georgia, but with more than 99 percent of the vote counted, it looks like the president-elect will win the state.

Georgia state officials indicated that a recount will likely take place in late November. A candidate can request a recount if the margin is less than 0.5 percent of the votes cast as per Georgia state law.

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Georgia’s Foreign Minister Brad Ravensberger said: “At the moment, Georgia is still very close to being contacted. Of the nearly 5 million votes cast, we will have a margin of a few thousand. With a margin so small, the votes will be recounted.” In Georgia. “

Fulton County, the state’s largest county and home to Atlanta, appears to be heading towards Biden. Mr Trump was leading on election night, but Biden won a large majority in this county by mail in the vote, by a margin of more than 236,140 votes in the final count.

Clayton County is also responsible for the Democratic advantage. While several counties in Georgia sent election workers home overnight, the counters in Clayton worked until morning.

The typically blue-leaning Gwinnett County is expected to remain blue, boosting Biden’s advance in the state.

“It will take time” to process tens of thousands of remaining ballot papers, election official Gabriel Sterling. Up to 8,000 ballots can still be accessed overseas from service members.

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What did Trump claim?

In the early hours of November 4th, mr Trump card Prematurely claimed to be carrying Georgia – and many other countries he was too early to call.

“We have clearly won Georgia. Trump said during his early morning appearance at the White House: “We are up 2.5 percent, or 117,000 (votes) with only seven percent (of the vote) remaining.”

The Trump campaign and the Georgian Republican Party filed a complaint against the Chatham County Board of Elections on November 4 in an effort to stop voting.

Republican pollster Sean Pomphrey claimed to have seen 53 unprocessed absentee ballots late being illegally added to a pile of absentee ballots that were processed and scheduled to be scheduled in Chatham County.

Ballots must be received by 7 p.m. Election Day to be counted according to state law.

The Trump campaign argued: “ Failure to ensure that absentee ballots received after the deadline are stored in a manner that ensures that these ballots are not counted unintentionally or intentionally, as required by Georgia law, harms the interests of the Trump campaign and President Trump because it may weaken the votes. Legal cast to support President Trump. ”

Despite allegations of this, Mr. Pomphrey did not present any evidence of misconduct.

Mr. Pomphrey also admitted that he did not know if the unprocessed ballot papers arrived late after 7 pm Election Day.

Sabrina German, director of the Chatham County Office of Voter Registration, backed testimony from a council witness that said the votes were received on time.

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On Thursday, November 5, Judge James Pace dismissed the case without providing an explanation for his decision at the hour-long hearing.

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What happens in the Senate race in Georgia?

Each of the Georgia Senate contests will be decided in the special run-off elections on January 5, 2021, which will determine whether Republicans or Democrats control the upper house of Congress.

No candidate for the two state seats was able to reach the 50 percent of the vote required to win a place in the Senate.

Nationwide, both parties have 48 seats and need 51 for a majority. Although Alaska and North Carolina have yet to be called up, the Republican candidates are leading them and are likely to win. This means that if the Democrats win both seats in Georgia, 2021, the Senate will be tied 50-50.

In this circumstance, Vice President, Kamala Harris, effectively becomes Senator 101 and decides any breaks, giving Democrats complete legislative control of Congress. But if Republicans win only one of the seats in Georgia, Biden faces an uphill battle to pass his legislative agenda through a Republican assembly.

The first race in Georgia took place between incumbent Republican David Purdue, 70, a businessman first appointed to the Senate in 2014, and Democrat John Usoff, 33, a former investigative journalist.

Senator Purdue won 48.9% and Mr. Ussof 47.9% with 99% of the vote counted.

Georgia’s second Republican Senator, Kelly Loeffler, got 25.9 percent of the vote, and her Democratic rival, Raphael Warnock, got 32.9 percent.

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They were first and second places on a busy square that also included Republican Rep. Doug Collins. But no candidate managed to get the required 50 percent to win fully.

Ms Loeffler, 49, a wealthy businesswoman, was appointed last year to replace retired Senator Johnny Isaacson.

The candidate recently tweeted in support of Mr. Trump’s calls to “count every legal vote” and pledged to introduce a bill that would “increase penalties for those who attempt to interfere with the will of the American people.”

Mr. Warnock, 51, is trying to become Georgia’s first black senator. The pastor is the pastor of Atlanta Church where Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. preached.

Demographic changes

Georgia is not a clear democracy. This is the depths of the south. No Democrat has made the state in a Presidential elections since Bill Clinton 28 years ago.

Georgia joined the confederation when it broke away from the federation. It is very religious and very conservative. For decades it was redder than red.

But cracks now appear. Polls Biden and Trump have been fickle in the state, but Biden has gained an edge.

Biden has outperformed Trump in urban Georgia, such as the capital of Atlanta.