In the words of Ali Asghar Abedi, “Prince Harry is like closure.” “When you’re sure you saw him for the last time, rumors circulate that he’s back,” he comments.

But this time, Prince Harry will appear in the company of his wife. So this will be Meghan Markle’s first trip to the UK since moving to California.

“Due to her lucrative Netflix deal, her in-laws can be pardoned for a bit of stress. What if this baptism was actually an intelligence mission for her Netflix original series: The Royal Family: A Tale of Boring White People and Inequality (No) Willfully AggravatedHe asks sarcastically.

And the columnist warns that the whole thing could end with another argument with Princess Kate about “who made the other cry”. “Meghan can tell Lilibet and Archie that their aunt and uncle have no contracts with Netflix and Spotify,” suggests Ali Asghar Abedi, noting that this information could reach Cambridge children and make them cry.

“But I imagine William and Kate have something similar up their sleeves. Unlike Harry, who would be all-American with his American fiancée, the heir to the throne and his wife might end up with their own British media deals,” he points out.

“For example, Prince George could appear on Channel 4’s Gogglebox, and Princess Charlotte could become a regular member of the GB News Evening News Review. And if Andrew Neill resigns as president of GB News, as rumors suggest, he could be Replacing “a full-time job for three-year-old Prince Louis,” he rules.

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“To ease the well-documented tension between Harry and his family, I expect Meghan to appear with a range of thoughtful gifts,” adds the columnist. What gifts are we talking about?

Sussex’s visit to the UK inspires millions of Britons. Pictured: A scene from “The Windsors: Endgame” at the Prince of Wales Theatre, London. (Photo: Getty Images)

“Prince Charles will get the HS2 map, which is a perfect analogy for his accession to the throne: It’s been talked about for a long time, but it probably never will. The Queen will receive the American Declaration of Independence because it is such an important part of US history. He fought for separation from the British. Everyone knows that Elka likes this kind of trinkets ”- mocks the author of the text.

“Back in the UK, Harry will want to show his family how busy he is trying to bring up a peculiar concept of the royal family: work. He will undoubtedly want to tell his inspiring story to the whole family so that they too can coexist. Pull – Take advantage of the fact that they can be recognized thanks to taxpayer money to make a fortune on Hollywood productions ”- he points out.

“If a simple high school pupil can do that, I don’t know what these poor kids in Blackpool are complaining about. They say we need a better care system!” Ali Asghar Abedi lives.

Celebrity journalist and TV presenter Piers Morgan reportedly ‘because of his sensitive spirit, sees the Sussexes comeback more than anyone else’ in an article on The Independent

Sources say Morgan is so upset with their trip that he plans to leave the island via the English Channel in protest. Perhaps because of Brexit, no one will help him: French emergency services are no longer helping the British and British services are underfunded due to Tourist cuts – The journalist noted.

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He adds: “It turns out that the £350m a week for the NHS promised by the Brexit campaign, has been spent on a fancy new press briefing room and hairspray for Boris.”

The columnist concludes: “For actual members of the UK government it is likely that they will treat Harry the way they treat coronavirus: they will completely ignore it, and when it is gone they will consider it their success.”

The Independent / Marcin R.