The attic is a great place to arrange a bathroom in a charming style. The charming slopes, the large usable area and the presence of windows on the roof greatly contribute to the introduction of a unique atmosphere. Depending on our needs, the bathroom in the attic can be arranged in a more refined glamor style, or in a more glamorous version. We explain how to prepare for a stylish bathroom on the top floor of an apartment building.

What makes the attic the perfect place to implement the glamor style?

First of all, it is a bright and well-lit room, which owes its characteristics to the built-in skylights. An important element of the bathroom in the attic is also the sloping roof, on which you can place a comfortable bathtub. The attic is a charming place, but it is not always suitable for arranging a room or living room. A small room upstairs can be used as a storage space, work room or laundry room. However, you can design the attic for a bathroom in a charming style in a very effective way. It is worth it, because this style of arrangement fits perfectly into such small and built-up rooms.

What distinguishes a glamorous-style bathroom?

Glamor style is a real mixture, drawing in its characteristics the best features of baroque motifs. In a modern glamor style, modest and simple elements harmonize perfectly with the plush furniture, sofas and armchairs. Of course, we will not install such elements in the bathroom. However, the characteristics are kept the same. Modest and simple bathroom cabinets can be supplemented with elegant mirrors with decorative trim. There should be a free standing bathtub, probably built right next to the attic. An indispensable element of a glamorous bathroom will be lace and floral motifs, which are in harmony with the strict arrangement of the floors and walls.

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Two Charming Styles: Which is the Leading?

There are two schools. Arrange bathrooms in a charming style. The first is a slightly simpler version, with colors and accessories provided. Attic bathArranged in a simple manner, it will have one main color (such as white or cream). Other items, such as curtains, trim, and accessories may have a different color. In a charming minimalist decor, you can use a cushioned pillow near the bathtub. It is also good to use a different color scheme for one of the walls: however, it should not conflict with the rest of the surroundings. In the case of arrangements that are exclusive and filled with enchanting splendor, they can tempt you even more crazy. Flowers can be the dominant theme, and interior colors can be bolder. However, the basis is the same: a combination of minimalism with Baroque elements.

What colors and materials dominate the style of sparkle?

First of all, beige, white and silver. Some layouts also use black designs, but usually charming monochrome designs complemented by unobtrusive accessories. An important element of charming bathrooms is a large mirror, often rich in ornament. There must be a bathtub in the room, the presence of a bidet or a walk-in shower is optional. If the area of ​​u200bu200bthe attic is small, then we should not overdo it with the number of accessories. Glittering style can be glamorous, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to limit the space with unnecessary additions. If we were looking for a way to decorate, porcelain, crystal, and metal would work in this kind of arrangement.

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Charming decoration. Will you succeed in the attic bath?

Decorative motifs known as motifs are one possibility in the context of using the glamor style in the bathroom. It doesn’t have to be overly complex or extensive. It is worth limiting it, for example, to a tiled pattern on the wall or floor. They will allow you to “break the boredom” if the bath is very mild. However, be careful that the bathroom space does not get sloppy. Therefore, if we have doubts, it is better to use a calmer version of the glamorous design.