During the weekends, despite the arrival of the calendar spring, the weather in Poland is very winter. IMGW warns of first-class snow and ice. Warnings have been issued for the following districts: Warmińsko-Mazurskie, ódzkie, PodlasieMasovian, Greater Poland, Lubbuski, dolnol ± skijoLesser Poland, Opole, ¶L ± skijoAnd the ¶Wiêtokrzyskiego And Podkarpackie, as well as for the western part of Lubelskie Voivodeship and many poviats in Voivodeship Pomeranian.

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Weather for Saturday, March 20. Moderate and heavy cloud coverage across the country

Overcast weather and rain awaits us on Saturday in the west of the country. There will also be short snowfall in the south and southeast. Until 12.00 hours, the biggest opportunities for sunshine will be in southern and central Poland. We will experience snow showers in the east and south of the country. The winds are weak and moderate, but in Pomerania they can reach 55 km per hour. No wind in the south.

The maximum temperature will be 0 to 4 ° C, the coldest in the vicinity of Olsztyn and Kielce – a maximum of 1 ° C, the warmest in the west of the country and in Rzeszów.

Weather for Sunday, March 21. At night the temperatures were less than minus

At night from Saturday to Sunday, negative temperatures await – until it reaches -9 ° C in Bodhal, -6 ° C in the northeast, and down to -1 ° C in the west. During the day, the sun’s rays can get warmer and more warm. The thermometers will show from 5 ° C near the Gulf of Gdansk, Warmia and Masuria, to 6 ° C in the center and 7 ° C in the Lublin region, in parts of Masovia, Lesser Poland and Subcarpathia.

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Residents of western Poland can expect heavy cloud cover, as well as rain and snow. The atmospheric frontage with snowfall will reach Podkarpacie and Małopolska at the latest. The wind will intensify – sometimes up to 40-70 km / h.