In Szczecin, a tender for a parking lot for 320 cars has been announced. The car park will be built at the entrance to the city center, under Trasa Zamkowa.

“Wały Chrobrego will connect with a wide pedestrian and bike path to the outer wing, and will be a venue for sporting and entertainment events, and will accommodate at least 320 cars,” a spokesperson for the municipal corporation Nieruchomości and the local local wrote Friday. Opportunities Wojciech Jachim.

The tender has been announced to prepare the design documents for a “car park and sports facility, a multifunctional yard and an above ground car park with the necessary infrastructure in the area between Jana z Kolna and Zygmunta Duczyński Streets and a pedestrian and bicycle bridge connecting the car park and sports facility to Malopolska Street in Szczecin”.

Jachem added that the planned facility would serve as a “pedestrian and bicycle bridge between Outer Pili and Chrobry Dams”, and that “creating a wide and safe road in this place is a priority.”

The spokesman pointed out that “the space, which has been cut by Kassel for decades, will be finally connected to an attractive tourist route.”

Between the parking lots and the outdoor bailey, a multifunctional plaza will be built, open towards Riverbank Street – as a place for rest, events and city sports. Similar sports and entertainment functions are provided on the roof of the car park.

“The body of the building will be covered with plants. The green wall effect will be provided by a perforated facade and densely planted vines. The proposed technical solutions aim to ensure a high level of energy efficiency and ensure the least possible impact on the environment” – emphasized Jachem.

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The building is planned to be in the form of an open three-storey car park, about 9 meters high. Entrance is planned by ul. Zygmunt Duczyński, exit to ul. Jana z Kolna, or on the road separating the Outer Pili from the area around Trasa Zamkowa, perpendicular to the ul. virgin.

Inside, there will be no fewer than 320 passenger car parking spaces, including five electric vehicle fast charging stations. Underground car parks can accommodate 140 cars and a minimum. Eight buses. All parking spaces must be public and paid.

The spokesman pointed out that “due to the proximity of the outer Bili district, Wei Shrubrigo and the streets on the banks of the river, the Contracting Authority places special emphasis on the form of parking, sports facilities and the development of the surrounding areas.”

The project contractor will have to take into account the planned construction of the Codney Bridge and the reconstruction of the associated communication system.

Part of the contract is to develop a design to demolish the connecting road Trasa Zamkowa that collides with the planned parking lot.

The design work will be divided – as announced – into two periods. The first will cover (100 days maximum) the preparation of the architectural and urban concept that will show the way to form the car park and sports facilities, as well as a pedestrian and bicycle bridge, and the development of a multifunctional arena. In the second, up to 250 days from the end of the first, the contractor will have to submit the remaining documents required under the contract.

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The deadline for submitting proposals to prepare project documents for the entire assignment will be March 31 of this year. at. 10. (PAP)

Author: Elżbieta Bielecka

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