The shock wave was created after a volcanic eruption on the Pacific island of Tonga at 20.23 and reached Kasprowy Wierch – the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management reported Saturday evening. The tsunami, Saturday evening, local time, hit the coast of Japan as a result of the explosion.

As reported Saturday evening by IMGW, The shock wave formed after the eruption of the volcano reached Kasperoy Wersh. “An interesting fact: that the shock wave (air pressure), formed after the volcanic eruption on the island of Tonga in the Pacific Ocean, reached Kasperoy and Sprinkle in 20:23 local time. This can be seen in the pressure chart. The eruption occurred around six in the morning ”- IMGW reported.

A volcanic eruption was recorded in the Pacific Ocean on Saturday near the Tonga archipelago in the South Pacific. The volcanic eruption caused a rise in water levels and a tsunamithat hit the coast of Japan on Saturday night.

As a result of a volcanic eruption on the eastern coast of the Samoan Islands, which form part of the American Samoa Territory, The height of the circumference is about 70 cm.

However, on the night of Saturday and Sunday local time, a tsunami hit the coast of Japan as a result of the explosion. A Japanese meteorological agency has warned of waves up to three meters high in some places.

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In the city of Amami in southwestern Japan, a tsunami of up to 1.2 meters in height has already been observed. Smaller waves of less than one meter in length were recorded over large areas of the coasts of Hokkaido, Kyushu and Okinawa, Kyodo News reported.