W Chicago, the third largest school district in the United States, the protests came two days after the school resumed teaching 340,000 students. The protesting students said they were there Not satisfied with additional health protocolsApproved by the teachers’ union earlier this week, ending a row with the district Chicago Public Schools (CPS) I burmistrzem Lori Lightfoot.

In Boston, approx 600 young people from 11 schools. Many of the protesting students later returned to the classroom, while others returned to their homes after participating in peaceful demonstrations.

A Boston high school has issued a petition stating that its school is named “Breeding ground for COVID-19He called for a return to distance learning. More than 8000 signatures were collected on the petition.

In turn, the Boston Student Advisory Board posted a number of requests on Twitter, including two weeks of online classes and more stringent COVID-19 testing for teachers and students.

“I live with two immunocompromised grandparents,” he said. Ash O’Brien, is a 10th grader at Boston Latin School – so I don’t want to go to school and risk getting sick and go back to them.

As Reuters wrote, the latest wave of infections has renewed the debate over whether schools should be kept open. Officials are trying to balance highly contagious fears Variant of Omikron With concerns that their children may have a large learning gap after two years of “stop and start” education. The result is a patchwork of COVID-19 rules across the country that has left parents feeling overwhelmed and overwhelmed.

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