Apr 27, 2021, 21:32

Brian Fargo, producer of titles like Wasteland 3 and Fallout 2, announced that inXile Entertainment is working on a new game. Unfortunately, news about it cannot be expected very soon.

The inXile Entertainment studio he introduced to us in recent years Wilderness 3 I Agony: Tidal NomineraI am working on a new game. Enter this topic Blizzard Brian Fargo, founder and president of American developer, on Twitter. Official for many years, including. For the first two scenes Siri FalloutAnd the Fargo hasn’t even revealed half of the details about the undeveloped production. He just said he was really passionate about the artwork, design, and script.

He hits the American on the chest because he realizes it Games are hard to predict in this way that society will not see them for very long. When asked by a Twitter member whether it would be enough to wait for the first facts until the end of the year, Fargo replied: “Longer ????. It’s good to know, however, that developers from California are working on what? Big and ambitious (or at least it sounds like it) Especially since this type of information is open to speculation and speculation.

The creator of Wasteland 3 is excited for a new game.  There is also some sad news - illustration # 1

Wasteland 3 just launched.

Their direction definitely depends on which of the courses Brian Fargo has created you like the most. Fans Storm Wouldn’t despise another, better than 2017, installments, and players warmly Accepted Wilderness 3 (It is not so bad Wold 2) He might be happy to hear about the “Four” formation. Even sympathetic cyklu cool tale Will clap possible ?? Five ??. Fargo and the company can also be, of course, a whole company Now Marquette or??

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Or they are working on Falloutem 5. It’s not impossible because both inXile and Bethesda Nali For Microsoft. Think for yourself ?? The full fifth installment of the series, returns to the post-apocalyptic world illustrated in Isometric Projection (or in First person perspective), It was prepared (to some extent) by the people who worked on it Falloutem I Falloutem 2. Is there anything Brian Fargo could be more excited about?