Doubts arose about the Pope’s stepping down after the publication of an article titled “Whispers in the Vatican: Conclave in the Air” by Antonio Socci, who publicly criticizes the Pope and claims that Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s election was invalid. The Italian media, however, denied the journalist’s reports that, for example, did not coincide with the calendar in which the meetings and visits of Pope Francis were planned.

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Pope Francis: Whenever the Pope gets sick, there is a wind or a hurricane in the concave

Tuesday Spanish Radio station – Radio COPE, broadcast an interview with Pope FrancisDuring which he referred to rumors that he would abdicate due to health problems. “I’m still alive,” the Pope said. “Whenever the pope was ill, there was a wind or a hurricane in the concave,” he added.

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Recently, on July 4, the Pope underwent an operation on his intestines. Currently, the clergyman has recovered and continues his work – without giving up his duties and even adding new meetings. On September 12, the Pope will visit Budapest. This visit will take place in conjunction with the closing of the International Eucharistic Conference. Then he goes on pilgrimage Slovakia. Superior a church He is also planning a pilgrimage to Greece, Cyprus and Malta.

Pope Francis warns against fundamentalist understanding of faith

Pope Francis met with worshipers on Monday in the Vatican Paul VI Hall. The Pope continued a series of teachings dedicated to Saint Paul’s letter to the Galatians. Focus on the passage in which the Apostle writes that religiosity based only on strict adherence to rules and strictness leads to the loss of true faith.

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Francis emphasized that the love of Christ and true values ​​are central to an honest life, not religious formalities for peace of conscience or superficiality. – Let us ask for intelligence that will allow us to reject the fundamentalists who preach artificial asceticism. The Pope said: We need asceticism, but asceticism is reasonable. He warned of demanding religiosity and strict rules. He added that there is evil behind every call to cruelty.

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