Pope Francis Before noon Angel’s prayer Notice that sometimes And the speeches are vague and do not touch the soul and lives of people.

Pope He pointed out that “many sermons – I say them with respect, but also with sadness – It is an abstraction and instead of awakening the soul, they made it sleep. – Then the believers begin to look at the clock and ask: “When does it end?” – added.

Evangelism involves the dangers of impoverishment without the anointing of the Holy Spirit God’s word, located in morals or abstract concepts, presents the Gospel with a distance, as if far from time, far from reality – warn Francis.

– Not the way. He added that the word “today” is not worthy of Jesus and does not help people in life.

As he said, if one would “give lectures, speak, let him do them, but in another place, not in a sermon, where he preaches the word so that it shakes hearts.”

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