Warning stir a streamin which the game is played I crashed, PowerShell opened and some commands started firing, then started playing a spoken sequence on the stream

The problem seems so serious that the team behind Dark Souls has decided to stop PvP servers entirely:

according to Reports, the one who located the bug – reported it to the developers, but was ignored – hence attempted a violent “demo” of the vulnerability’s possibility – on the stream linked above. Admittedly, an attempt to draw attention to the problem has been successful.

According to the information below, it is about RCE – ie executing any code / command on another player’s computer:

How is this even possible? We’ll likely know the details soon, and we’d like to remind you that we have reported a similar sensitivity (meaning: RCE) On Minecraft servers. here in a rather simple way (log4shell) Anyone on the server can run a command on other players’ computers.

~ Michael Sajdaq

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