Parler chief John Matzi said in an interview with Fox News: “ I’m sure our service will be back in business before the end of this month. Also see next steps to speed up this return. Parler’s website is direct.

“The situation changes rapidly every day, but now I am sure that we will return before the end of the month,” Matzi said in an interview with the station on Sunday evening.

Last week, Parler registered its website with host company Epik after Amazon cut it from its servers for failing to oversee “obscene content” related to the January 6 Capitol attack, Fox News recalls.

On Sunday, a message from Matzy appeared on the Parler website, mentioning “fans and haters” for launching the service. It explains that it was created to create a place for independent discussion, while respecting users’ privacy and freedom of expression. “Soon we will solve all the difficulties facing us and welcome you again” – the head of service ends with his short message.

The mere possibility of putting in this information is described by Matzy as an “important step”, thanks to which the website will be able to directly inform the public of its activities.

“We’re going to post more updates there,” said Parler’s boss, adding that he wants this to happen every day so people are kept informed.

Parler also managed to recover data from Amazon on Friday, which is crucial to restarting the service, Fox News notes.

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The station said that Matzi’s optimistic tone is a big shift from his previous expectations about Parler’s future, recalling an interview with Reuters last week in which Matzy said he did not know when the service would be up and running again and “it probably will never happen”.

Parler was founded in 2018 by computer scientist John Matzi, Jared Thompson, and Republican benefactor Rebecca Mercer. It claims to be an unbiased social media medium. However, he quickly gained popularity among supporters of President Trump and right-wing conservatives. They have always accused Twitter and Facebook of censoring their posts.