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Windows Vista, Zune, or Millenium Edition? Here are Microsoft’s biggest embarrassing bugs [TOPtech]

The security researcher was the first to report discovering the problem Jonas L on Twitter. In Windows 10, it found an NTFS-related bug that hackers could exploit.

Just click on a folder, shortcut, or unzip

By stitching a line of malicious code, cybercriminals can automatically damage your hard drive. They just need to convince the user to click on a prepared folder, a zip file, or even a Windows shortcut (maybe there are other unknown methods). Interestingly, it is only in some cases, after a disk is corrupted, that the system automatically prompts you to reset the computer to fix the problem.

These reports were confirmed by CERT’s Will Dormann, who added that the vulnerability has been in Windows 10 for three years. The researcher also claims that two years ago Microsoft reported another NTFS-related bug, but that hasn’t been fixed yet.

According to what was reported by the American Sirwis Edge, Microsoft has confirmed that it already knows the problem detected by Jonas L. The Windows manufacturer also confirmed that it will not leave users in the ice and will release a suitable patch to fix the error. The update is scheduled for release later this week.

Microsoft has also requested that you be careful when using the computer. The company urges you not to click on unknown or suspicious files as they may be cybercriminals.