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December 8, 2020 7:30 pm We invite you to attend an interview in the series “After Crits”, where the film will be screened and an interview with director Piotr Małecki.

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After the credits This is a new series of encounters at the House of Culture in Pia بياiceño. For now, online, but we hope so soon in front of the entire audience at Kociuszki 49. We will be showing films in different categories: documentaries, cartoons, short films, etc. We will reach artistic and independent productions. Presentations will be an important component of our meetings, but conversations with invited guests will be just as important. We will discuss what will happen after the movie i.e. after the credits. About how the viewer feels after the show. Why was the movie made and whether it changed anything in the world in the long run – both in terms of the people who watched it and those who were its protagonists or its creators. These are meetings of people who don’t treat movie art as easy and simple entertainment. These are special meetings for those who wait for the translation to finish before they leave the cinema.

Description of the movie
“Stories from Warsaw” is a short document on everyday life and the little things. This under-half-an-hour documentary is a series of five short looks of everyday life. A story about people of different ages who have different personalities and live in their own separate worlds. They all have one nice thing in common: they can find the lightness and humor in everyday life that looks gray.

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Vital manager
Piotr Małecki He graduated from Documentary Dok Pro at Oujda School, and has studied Film Production at the Department of Radio and Television in Katowice and Photography at BPCAD. Bournemouth, UK. He worked for many years as a photojournalist, and for ten years he also worked as a director, cinematographer, and documentary film producer. His films are included in the competitions of well-known film festivals (including the Krakow Film Festival), in television programs (TVP Kultura) and VOD. He has won many awards and accolades.

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