According to the National Weather Service (NWS), some parts of Colorado are expected Snow accumulation even a foot (about 30 cm).

“Blizzards should help fight fires, but they can also create new life-threatening challenges for travelers in some areas,” the NWS assesses.

The Denver Post noted that the onset of cooler weather and lighter winds at least temporarily dampened the devastating fire. This allowed local authorities to lift eviction orders outside of Boulder County.

In the cities of Superior and Louisville At least 33,000 people were forced to seek shelter on Thursday. Local authorities estimated that 600 homes were burned down by the fire.

– That’s total devastation (…) We’ve seen houses explode right in front of our eyes – Mayor Clint Folsom said Friday on CNN.

Wind speed exceeded 160 km per hourWhich led to the fire. The fire has occupied much of at least 650 acres in Boulder County northwest of Denver.

Colorado media reported that at least six people have been hospitalized with the injuries, but there have been no reports of deaths so far.

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