The reintroduction of full-time education in grades 1 through 3 resulted in parents of older students demanding the same. In some schools, lessons have already started because parents have forced school principals to bring their children back. All because of the portal left by the Ministry of Education and Science in the regulation on expanding distance learning: “For students who, due to disability or, for example, home conditions, will not be able to study remotely at home, the school principal will have to organize fixed or remote learning After in school (using computers and equipment needed in school). “

During the press conference, Minister Czarnek referred to the situation and announced that from now on, directors should only organize classes in the school for disabled students. In the case of people who do not have the conditions for studying at home (such an argument is made by parents who “open” schools), the principal does not have to agree to attend school. “Perhaps, but it should not be” – said Minister Kazarnik, who believes that handing over the decision to school authorities will limit the “practice” of making false statements about the situation at home. The politician emphasized that the organization of classes in the school, due to the conditions of the house, currently affects only 1% of people. the students.

The minister also said that high school graduates and eighth graders who are preparing for their exams may come to school in small groups. As the politician emphasized, such meetings are legal, but they must be held in a small group and with all precautionary measures. He also added that in March, CKE will provide students with mock exam papers.

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The politician also declared that vocational school students may undergo vocational training as long as the workplace operates. On the other hand, young people from sports schools are allowed to participate in physical education classes. Thematic Olympics in the form of static Olympics can also be held in all schools.

The Minister of Education indicated, however, that Prime Minister Morawiecki would make any decisions regarding the possible return of the older students to school. He added that distance learning for children in grades 1-3 is possible.

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