• At the airport at Andrews Base, among other things, the flight song “Don’t Stop Believin”, followed by “YMCA”.
  • When the plane left, “My Way” was turned on for Frank Sinatra. “I lived a full life, traveled every way, and most importantly, I did it on my own” – reads the poetry of the song
  • My presidency has been wonderful in every respect. I say goodbye to you, but I hope the farewell is not long. Today we will see each other, the outgoing US president said
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Donald Trump He left the White House with his wife Melania Trump after 14:00 Polish time (after 8 a.m. local time). The presidential couple boarded a helicopter on the lawn in front of the abandoned seat. Then the outgoing American leader traveled to the Andrews Joint Base, from where he traveled to Florida.

Journey’s song – “Don’t Stop Believin” was played at the airport at the base.

By the time the presidential couple got on the plane, you could hear the song “YMCA” by Village People.

When the plane left, Frank Sinatra “took my way”. “And now, the end is near and I am facing the end. My friend, let me clarify that. I’ll explain what I’m sure of. To” – is the first verse of the song.

TRUMP: I’ll see you again