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Netflix will make sure you never miss the screen. As he indicates TechCrunchA new feature will be available to all app users this year shuffle (It’s my business name at this point), and it’s just an option to randomly play your videos. In practical terms, it might be similar to YouTube’s autoplay mode.

As it turns out, the new option may actually be available to some Netflix users, because its public testing has begun. After you’ve finished watching a movie or series, the app itself will suggest another production to watch – depending on the choices made so far and the user’s taste. According to website builders’ assurances, this option will be available to every user later this year.

However, the details are unclear, given that Netflix did not choose to answer some journalists’ questions. However, it has been found that the shuffle function is currently only being tested on Netflix on TVs, but it is not available on the web or smartphones. At this point, it is uncertain whether, once tested, it will be available for all versions of the player simultaneously.

Netflix has confirmed, however, that the latest release of the new feature will go to all website users In the first half of 2021. However, the exact date has not yet been set, so it can be assumed that the tests still have to be “continued”.

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