The accused is Konstantin Małofejew, Putin’s partner and founder of the Kremlin-supporting Cargrad TV news channel.

The US Department of Justice indicts him bypassing penalties, imposed on him, among other things Funding Russian separatists in Crimea. The restrictions prevent US citizens from cooperating with or doing business with Malofeyev. But US prosecutors said that the oligarch hired American television producer Jack Hanek, a former Fox News employee, to take care of his media activities in Russia and Greece, as well as try to buy a TV channel in Bulgaria.

“We monitor every dollar, every (private) plane. We watch every artwork, every property bought with dirty money,” Assistant US Attorney Lisa Monaco said.

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“With our partners around the world, we will achieve our goal, that is We will ensure that Russian oligarchs and sanctioned cybercriminals will find no safe haven anywhere.” – The Public Prosecutor added.

Konstantin Malofeyev and Kargrad were tasked with dismantling the European Union by funding politicians from Matteo Salvini and Marine Le Pen. According to Gazeta Wyborcza, the Russian oligarchy was also active in Poland, in the vicinity of the Ordo Iuris.

Malofeev, through his people, was supposed to organize various provocations in Central Europe, including Poland. Gazeta Wyborcza describes these demonstrations against Ukraine, organized by the Great Poland camp and activists associated with self-defense and the pro-Russian Zemiana party.

FBI chief Christopher Wray also announced at a press conference that the services had disabled the bots GRU . Russian intelligence, which is a network of computers infected with malware used by hackers. The robots were discovered before they could harm the United States.