Doctors and nurses who were not vaccinated against the coronavirus in North Carolina and other US states have been laid off.

North Carolina authorities have laid off 175 health workers for failing to vaccinate against COVID-19. This is one of the largest mass layoffs in this sector in history.

375 unvaccinated workers – in 15 hospitals and 800 clinics – have been suspended for not being vaccinated. These workers were given five days to comply with the authorities’ orders.

Previously, more than 150 health workers who failed to meet the immunization requirements of the Texas Houston Methodist — one of the first health systems to require immunization — were fired or resigned after a federal judge upheld the rules. A similar number of health care workers have been laid off for the same reason in Delaware.

Employers are also reminded of President Joe Biden’s order that all companies with more than 100 employees require weekly vaccination or testing. This recommendation also applies to most health care facilities that accept Medicare or Medicaid.

Opposition by some health care workers to the vaccination policy has already complicated the plight of doctors and nurses in the country. This is the case in New York, for example, where Gov. Cathy Hochhol signed an ordinance to vaccinate health care workers against Covid, which could exacerbate the shortage of doctors and nurses. The only way we can beat the pandemic, Hochhol said, is to make sure that everyone who is eligible for vaccination, including those caring for our family members and loved ones, does so.

In North Carolina, the epidemic situation is poor. On average, there are more than 5,000 new coronavirus infections per day. More than 3,200 people are being treated for Covid-19, including 932 in the intensive care unit. About 50 percent of the state’s entire population is vaccinated, compared to the national vaccination rate of 55.4 percent.