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Treasurer Rishi Sunak has announced a new government support program for the winter season. Who will be able to count on a subsidy for the cost of living?

The government has set aside £500m for a new winter ration scheme for the UK’s poorest families. The program started at the beginning of October 2021, and the funds will be managed by the local council.

Winter co-financing for poor families in the UK

The bailout is designed to help poor families through the toughest times of the year – particularly with soaring utility bills and after the £20 universal credit increase was withdrawn. Many British families will find it difficult to make ends meet this winter, as the cost of daily living rises mercilessly, as well as the naturally increasing consumption of electricity and gas in the winter.

The new government program targets low-income families who will realistically suffer a drawdown of an additional £20 in universal credit on top of the end of the leave programme. What costs will government funding cover?

The Winter Home Scholarship is designed to help families pay for common household expenses. In addition to bills, it also includes other necessary maintenance costs, such as food expenses.

Of the £500m, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will receive a total of about £80m (£41m for Scotland, £25m for Wales and £14m for Northern Ireland). The remaining assembly will remain at the disposal of the English Councils.

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