The US authorities withdrew France’s request to extradite Russian citizen Alexander Vinnik. as RBCShare this information with his attorney – Frederic Bello.

The fact that the United States withdrew the extradition request sent to Vinnik in 2020 became known during a hearing in the investigative room of the Paris court. Bellow notes:

With this deceptive maneuver, the United States wanted to ensure that Fink would not only remain in prison, but would also be returned to Greece so that he could reach the United States as soon as possible.

During the hearing, the court also postponed the planned additional deliberations in the Vinnik case from September 7 to August 3. Until then, he will remain in a French prison.

The US Department of Justice declined to comment on that.

Earlier, a French court rejected an appeal against a five-year prison sentence. His lawyers said that as a result of this decision, Vinic could be extradited to Greece and then to the United States.

The extradition date was June 30, but the defense made an urgent appeal to stop the deportation and also applied to the European Court of Human Rights. The latter prevented the French authorities from extraditing Vinic to Greece.

Recall that in 2017, Vinnik was arrested in Greece for laundering $4 billion through the agency stock trading Cryptocurrency BTC-e. At the same time, the US authorities confiscated the BTC-e domain.

Subsequently, a Greek court approved the extradition request of the man at the request of three countries – the USA, Russia and France. In December 2019, Greek Justice Minister Costas Tsiaras decided to extradite the Russian first to France, and then to the United States and Russia.

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In early 2020, Vinnik was extradited from Greece to France. stay there Sentenced to five years Imprisonment and a fine of 100,000. euro. try to defend Appeal against judgmentbut The court upheld it.