Even in the middle of the day, women don’t feel safe. A 22-year-old marketing student spoke on TikTok about how a stranger tried to get her to have intercourse. Netizens accused her of playing with her hair and of being “too polite”.

You are surprised by that Girls afraid to go back alone at night? When you learn about this history of TikTokerka, you will understand that we – even In the middle of the day – we don’t feel safe.

In her film, a 22-year-old British student documented the moment when A stranger tried to persuade her to have intercourse. Netizens accuse her of playing with her hair.

In the middle of the day, he persuaded the teenager to have intercourse because he did not understand that “no” means “no”

Emma Grayson Marketing student living in Great Britain. On her TikToku website, she posted a video of the event she was involved in. A stranger approached her on the street and offered her intercourse.

Emma says so A 40-year-old man approached her and followed her for ten minutes, trying to persuade her to interact. In the video you can hear the girl repeating that she is not interested. But the man appeared Don’t hear her firm “no” and say “she has a lot of money”, “He wants to be with her because she is beautiful.” Then he asks: How much does he pay her?


He asked me where I was going, what I was doing, who I was going to meet – he asked me a lot of personal questions. He won’t leave me alone.

“Don’t play with your hair.” We are not responsible

what do you think? People assumed the guy had acted aggressively and wanted to molest the girl, were they looking to blame Emma? Of course this Instead of focusing on his misbehavior, focus on what the girl does, what she doesn’t do and what she looks like.


They accused Emma of this She played with her hair and was “very polite”. Some have argued that she should scream and be more aggressive. In fact, After all, its “fault” that the man simply did not understand “no”.

In light of the critical comments she has received on my video, I think there is still more to be said about strangers molesting women on the street.

It’s your fault, not ours

if so Everyone else would be surprised that we’re afraid to go home at night And we don’t trust the guys we meet by chance, then after this TikTok there is no doubt about it There are specific fears and experiences behind this position.


I don’t know, When we know “no” means “no” and we don’t blame the victims.

no. None of our clothing or behavior is inviting. Only people who hurt and harass women in this way, just because they “look somehow” or “did something” can be guilty. Let’s stop blaming the victims and stop pretending the problem doesn’t exist. Perhaps this will make situations like Emma’s that are experienced and documented less frequently.

Source: TikTok, NYPost