According to the American newspaper, before the start of the Olympics on Friday, warnings were issued about threats from hackers in the services of Russian services, among other things. US and UK security agencies.

The FBI warned that cybercriminals could use, among other things, ransomware attacks, intrusions or so-called phishing “to disrupt transmission of events, steal (…) and disseminate sensitive data, or disrupt the supporting digital infrastructure.” for the Olympics.”

The director of FireEye, one of the world’s most famous cybersecurity companies, John Holtqvist, said the stakes were high. “They (the Russians) have done this in the past. The conditions are the same when it comes to banning Russian athletes (under the Russian flag) and we know they were preparing for that,” the expert told CBS.

The Washington Post reports that Russian hackers have targeted the two previous Olympics, the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and the Winter Games in Pyongyang. According to experts, these attacks targeted, inter alia, the opening ceremony of the Games in South Korea. And anti-doping organizations were “particularly bold”, even though Russian hackers tried to disguise their attack as the work of China or North Korea. In the end, they failed, and the US Attorney’s Office charged six Russians.

Japanese cybersecurity firm MBSD on Thursday discovered an attempted attack against computers in Japan. Malware capable of scanning data on infected computers was to be hidden in an emailed PDF file about cyber-attack threats to the Tokyo Olympics.

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