Celebrity wedding dresses are breathtaking and inspire future brides. Which went down in history and was widely commented on? Sandra Hajduk Bubinska talks about the details.

Although a long time has passed since these festivities, their memories are still vivid. The wedding dresses of these brides were in the languages ​​of many people. Who are we talking about?

Grace Kelly wedding dress

Grace Kelly wore two dresses to her wedding with the Prince of Monaco, but everyone remembered the outfit she wore to the church party.

This dress was stitched by 36 weavers for 6 weeks. This is a dress designed by Helen Rose. She is a fashion designer who enjoyed great fame in the fifties of the last century. (…) I won two Oscars. She was nominated for them many times and this dress is one of the most copied. It can be admired today in the Philadelphia Museum. Where was Grace Kelly born – said Sandra Hajduk Bubinska.

Kate Middleton’s wedding dress

Grace Kelly dress inspired by Kate Middleton. – The lace on the top of the dress symbolizes the United Kingdom (…), and the crown on which the veil is attached belongs to Queen Elizabeth. (…]It’s also the second most frequently copied dress, a finding that Grace Kelly started the trend in classic, ultra-chic and a little revealing dresses – as stated by journalist Dzień Dobry TVN.

Created by Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie’s dress has also been widely commented on. It is decorated with drawings made by the children of the actress and Brad Pitt. Worn on a train dress by designer Versace. (…) Angelina sold the pictures to a magazine and it was “breaking news”. All the colorful media lived with the fact that she showed her dress – reminded Sandra Hajduk Bubinska.

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Main image source: Peter Kidd / Getty Images