• The officers immediately landed outside the man’s camp and took him to a nearby hospital
  • The 50-year-old spent a week in a remote area fighting a bear that comes to his hut every night.
  • Had it not been for the help of the Coast Guard, the man would most likely have lost a grizzly game. He only had two rounds left
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the name in it AlaskaIt’s small, just over 3 thousand. Residents of a village on the banks of the Bering Sea. There is a wilderness around town. A 50-year-old man lives near a river in a complete wilderness. How he got there is completely unknown. Most likely, he decided to lead a nomadic lifestyle. However, what happened to him last week is likely to keep the man in a safe city for a long time.

She accidentally saved a man who was attacked by a bear

On Friday, July 23, around noon, a Coast Guard helicopter patrol departed from Kotzebue on the Baldwin Peninsula toward Nome. The crew’s job was to search for dead whales, walruses and seals washed ashore. 37 years sailing off the coast Captain Jared Carvajal At the controls of the MH-60 Jayhawk, I decided to change course to avoid storm clouds.

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Suddenly the patrol noticed something disturbing on the ground. The second pilot, Lieutenant Protector, noticed that he was looking through the windshield of the helicopter The words “SOS” are written on the roof of the temporary tin hut. Next to the lopsided letters someone typed in English: “help me!”.

Pilot helicopter I decided to go down a bit. Then They saw a man frantically waving his arms. The helicopter crew immediately descended to see what was going on below.

The rest of the text is below the video.

He did not sleep for a week to repel the attacks of the dangerous animal

It turns out that 50 year old manwho asks for help, He spent 11 days in a remote area. He hasn’t narrowed his eyes for a week, It looked dirtyHe also had many bruises all over the body and bandaged hand.

Tell the helicopter crew He’s had an unequal fight with a bear for the past weekwho used to come to his camp every night. from July 12 He had no contact with the worldAnd He wasn’t using the phone cell phone, He was fed stock, He was defending her with weapons. The door to his hut was opened, and the ocean looked like a battlefield.

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Had it not been for the coincidence, i.e. the change of course of the Coast Guard helicopter, the man would most likely have been killed by Bear. He only had two rounds left in his rifle.

The 50-year-old was taken by guards to a hospital in Nome. His life is no longer in danger.

Dangerous meetings with bears

The New York Times, which wrote about this remarkable story, cites a report by health officials stating that In Alaska alone in 2019 as many as 68 people were hospitalized as a result of injuries they sustained after meeting a bear. Moreover, in the years 2000-2017 up to Ten people died after this animal attack.

Source: “New York times