The Philadelphia Public Prosecutor warned Donald Trump Not to call supporters As protests continue in the city over the killing of police Walter Wallace Jr.

Attorney General Larry Krasner wrote: “Keep your proud boys, goon teams, and unaccredited” poll watchers “out of our city, Mr. President.” “Breaking the law here. I have something for you.”

Philadelphia has a big job counting election, with up to 350,000 mailed ballot papers from the city, or more, to be counted inside the downtown convention center starting on election day morning.

Voting in Pennsylvania can be determined by voting in Philadelphia, and the entire race in turn can return to Pennsylvania. So the stakes are high.

Stop it, go vote / Walter Wallace Jr. RIP

Stop voting / Walter Wallace Jr RIP Photo: Mark Makela / Getty Images

Officials advised that the city’s vote counting effort, which only processed about 6,000 absentee ballots in 2016, will not be completed on election night and will likely take days.

There are concerns that Trump and his agents will somehow try to prevent Philadelphia from counting every vote, prompting Krasner’s warning.

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Philadelphia DA to trump: “Keep your proud little ones, goon teams, and unaccredited” poll watchers “out of our city, sir. Break the law here, and I have something for you.”

October 29, 2020

Miranda Bryant from The Guardian reports on the situation in Philadelphia, where an overnight curfew is in place:

The protests continued Philadelphia More details emerged on Wednesday about Kill the police 27-year-old Walter Wallace Jr. after his family sought medical help when he was suffering from a mental health crisis.

Civil rights activists have deeply questioned the way police departments deal with people with mental health issues, not only in connection with the shooting of Wallace but across the United States.

After the killing, hundreds of people took to the streets of the neighborhood Pennsylvania A city chanting for Wallace and demanding justice and racial equality. The peaceful protests on Tuesday were followed by clashes with police and some acts of vandalism. Authorities said more than 90 people were arrested and about 50 police officers were injured in confrontations with protesters and vandals.

The protests continued on Wednesday evening, just before the 9pm curfew.

Relatives called Wallace on Wednesday for calm.

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