David De Gea: 6/10

What do you want from here? Top? He saved both places (if that) he had to do it but overall he didn’t have much to do. 7? 8? 10? Come on.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka: 8/10

Wan Bisaka … Wan Bisaka. He took care of his wing and did not allow any threats on him. The number seven seems so low given that the reason it doesn’t stand out is because we are so used to these offers from him.

Victor Lindelof: 8/10

He gave Leipzig nothing. Exceptional at making tactical mistakes near the midfield to fend off potential counterattacks before they even begin.

Harry Maguire: 8/10

Boy is sure he turned around after that red card for England, right?

Luke Shaw: 8/10

Harding down that left-hand side, and getting up on the field. Do you think that Teles’ arrival affected his appearance? Shaw’s pass in the first half was United’s creativity. They weren’t good crosses, but they were more dangerous than he usually delivers.

Fred: 10/10

Fred’s diligent play to close middle and being able to go wide on the wing is key to getting the diamond to work. His death in the first half were A little off But overall it was great.

Nemanja Matic: 9/10

It brings stability in midfield that no one else does. His ability to read the game is exceptional.

Paul Pogba: 8/10

He started in his favorite left in midfield and is back to normal. Rewarded with help.

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Donnie Van de Beek: 7/10

The off-ball work rate has been impressive in United’s flagship press. Little built on the ball however, constantly looking to turn back.

Anthony Martial: 6/10

He didn’t deliver much in the first hour of the match. After Bruno arrived, he suddenly became extremely dangerous. He made an extra pass into the penalty area several times but was awarded a penalty and passed the mark.

Mason Greenwood: 6/10

His end in the first goal showed why you wanted him to join the team. Everything else he did (or didn’t do) showed why he didn’t exist every week. Failure to provide an outlet when pressure is broken. When he got the ball, he often backed or backed … straight back to the pressure of Leipzig, which made it very difficult for United to hold the ball and force them to spend most of the first half in defense.

Scott McTominay: 9/10

It was a better night than it was against Paris Saint-Germain last week. On the ball it looked like McTominay from the last 20 minutes of Newcastle match. Let’s see more of this McTominay.

Marcus Rashford: 10/10

He came off the bench and scored a hat-trick. you want more? Well, it feeds kids all over the UK too.

Bruno Fernandez: 9/10

His arrival moved United from control of the match to attacking them. United is good when Bruno is on the field. They are good when Pogba is on the field. They are on another level and both are on the field.

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Excel Tuansepe: N / A

My legs Wan Bisaka saved 10 minutes from running. I got a good run out and I hope I see it against Arsenal.

Edinson Cavani: N / A

Work rate was good but not much involved. A good ending to a goal, but the offside, despite the fairness of the way the play developed, had no chance of staying in place.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: 9/10

All the talk that started in the match about Julian Naglisman being one of the best young coaches in Europe, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer showed him respect by treating him just as Pep Guardiola treats him. By hitting his bottom. Tactically, United were great, neutralizing all of Leipzig’s threats. When attacking the center was unsuccessful, Nagglesman had no backup plan. Ole changes match again with his submarines and this time he runs away from them.

After losing 6–1, Ole had a difficult task. He responded by boosting the defense (only hitting two goals) and winning three out of four. He’s gained some depth for this squad, and he’s spun the squad well tonight, giving him very new players to Arsenal on Sunday.