St. Joseph’s Church located on the Brandywine River in Wilmington played an important role in Joe Biden’s life.

Not surprisingly, even as the transition from an ordinary citizen to the strongest man on the planet began Seeking spiritual comfort Inside the walls of the nineteenth century.

Perhaps surprisingly, the small gathering of the media and members of the public at the gates of the church got a clear view of the former Vice President, now under the increased protection of the Secret Service, as he made his way inland.

Biden visits a family cemetery after attending church

The locals were delighted, accustomed to the novelty of being the home of Delaware’s first president of the United States.

He was accompanied by his daughter Ashley, and his grandson Hunter, and it wasn’t mass at 10:30 AM that brought the President-elect to Saint Joseph.

When leaving the service, he walked a short walk to the church cemetery. He buried his first wife Nelia and his daughter Naomi, who were killed in a car accident in 1972, and his son Bo, who died of cancer in 2015.

They also paid their respects, Mr. Biden He is seen placing his arm around the shoulder of Boo Hunter’s son.

It was a very personal moment for a man whose private life became part of his political story. This story will now be the guiding light for America over the next four years.

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“This is the time to heal in America” – Biden

Karen Peterson and Victoria Pandey also regularly respect Bow Biden’s grave. Like most people in the neighborhood, they know the Biden family and have plenty of stories of their encounters over the years.

They say Mr. Biden’s Catholic faith is fundamental to who he is and the president he is.

“I think it means everything to him. I think it gives him the strength to do it,” Victoria said. “I don’t think his heart was really into this at first due to losing Poe, but he knows Poe wanted him to do that.”

Karen added, “Joe’s belief is fundamental to his life and personality.”

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The celebrations continue into the night after Biden’s victory

While Biden was at the block, the team managing the transition from the Trump administration was unveiling a website outlining its plans. More announcements to come – an indication that Biden is not holding his breath waiting for him Donald Trump To assign.

There was a wave of supporters gathered in the sunshine to offer their good wishes before Biden slipped back into the preemptive bubble that would be his life from now on.

It was a few moments of peace and reflection for a man who would soon be faced with the turmoil that has often been called the world’s lonely job.