A UPS spokesman said the company had located the mysterious package that Fox News host Tucker Carlson suggested was deliberately intercepted because it contained “irrefutable” evidence against the Biden family.

Talking to The Daily Beast“After a thorough search, we found the contents of the package and are arranging to return it,” the spokesman said.

“UPS will always focus on our customers first, and will never stop working to solve problems and get things right.”

In a bizarre clip from the Wednesday Night Show, Carlson claimed that his team mailed the documents from New York to Los Angeles after receiving them from a “source” on Monday, but the package never arrived.

Without providing any other details or evidence, Carlson said the “damned” documents had “disappeared” on their way, suggesting tampering.

Carlson said one of the producers had shipped the documents to him from New York to Los Angeles through a “branded company” – without specifying UPS.

When they did not arrive, the shipping company told Fox News that their package had been opened and the documents “disappeared”.

“To her reckon, that [shipping] Carlson said the company took this very seriously and immediately started the research, ”adding that it has been following it from the moment it was delivered by the producer in Manhattan until 3.44am on Tuesday morning.

Viewers had questions about why there was only one copy of the guide and why it was simply not emailed.

Politician David Rothkopf criticized Carlson’s claim, calling it “my surprise dog ate in October.”