The two leaders met on the occasion of the G7 summit held at Carbis Bay in Cornwall, southwest England.

When a reporter asked him if America was back, Biden turned to Macron and signaled to the French president that he should answer that question. “Absolutely,” Macron said. “It’s great to have an American president who is a member of the club and so helpful,” he added.

“Relief” after Trump

As noted by Reuters, Macron’s behavior is reminiscent of the words of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who on Thursday praised Biden as “a wonderful breath of fresh air”.

According to the agency, neither Macron nor Johnson made clear parallels between Biden and Donald TrumpmAlthough both praised Biden’s apparent cooperative tone, officials said, after Trump shocked and sometimes confused several European allies, “there was a relief.”

Relations with NATO and the European Union

Biden stated that the United States felt strongly about the cohesion of the NATO military alliance and expressed support for the European Union, which has been the target of much criticism from Trump during his presidency in 2017-2021.

First, I think the European Union is a very strong and dynamic entity that has a lot to do with Western Europe’s ability not only to deal with its economic problems, but also to provide the backbone and support to NATO, as the US president said.

Wednesday in Geneva Biden will meet with the president of Russia for the first time Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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