“On Memorial Day in Arlington Cemetery, we laid flowers on the grave of Pole, David Beatrik. As we were leaving, a line of chariots appeared from President Joe Biden. The President called us with First Lady Jill Biden, asks who we visited ”- wrote on Monday Pawe Żuchowski, US journalist and correspondent for RMF FM.

“The son has a keepsake for life,” he added. The event, apart from Żuchowski himself, was documented by an AP photographer.

On Memorial Day, a Polish journalist visited the tomb of a veteran. At the military cemetery, he met the presidential column

David Petrick, whose grave was visited by Chuchowski’s family on Monday, died in Afghanistan in 2008 at the age of 24. although United States of America He had only arrived a few years earlier, and had served in the Americas army. He wanted to stay in the United States permanently.

“His mother agreed that he be buried at Arlington National Cemetery. Farewell to the voices Mazurka D ± Browse. On Memorial Day, here with my son we put white and red flowers and put our flag next to the American flag ”- explained the journalist.

Memorial Day is an American public holiday observed on the last Monday in May. It commemorates citizens of the United States who died while serving in the military.

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